PROGRAMME at Filmoteca Española. Imagineindia 2014


Calle Santa Isabel 3. Madrid 28012


17 may, Saturday

19.30  Venue 1

APUR PANCHALI   (Official Section)
(Kaushik Ganguly)  India, 2013, 96 min. 

18 may, Sunday

22.00  Venue 1

PARVIZ  (Official Section)
(Majid Barzegar) Iran, 2013, 107 min.

20 may, Tuesday

22.00  Venue 1

APUR PANCHALI  (Official Section)
(Kaushik Ganguly)  India, 2013, 96 min. 

21 may, Wednesday

19.30  Venue 1

PARVIZ   (Official Section)
(Majid Barzegar) Iran, 2013, 107 min.

22 may, Thursday

19.00  Venue 2

SALMA  (Official Section)
(Kim Longinotto)  Great Britain / India, 2013,  91 min.

19.00  Venue 1

THE KING IS DEAD  (Official Section)
(Rolf de Heer)  Australia, 2012, 106 min.

23 may, Friday

20.00  Venue 2

GULABI  GANG  (Official Section)
(Nishta Jain) India, 2012, 96 min.

24 may, Saturday

21.40  Sala 1

ALGORITHMS  (Official Section)
(Ian McDonald)  India, 2012, 95 min.

PRESENTATION of the film by the chess master   VISHY  ANAND.

25 may, Sunday

20.00  Venue 2

SALMA  (Official Section)
(Kim Longinotto)  Great Britain / India, 2013,  91 min.


27 may, Tuesday

20.30  Venue 2

ANKHON DEKHI  (Official Section)
(Rajat Kapoor) India, 2014,146 min.

28 may, Wednesday

19.30  Venue 1

Spring at  Zarechnaya Street  (Retrospective of M. Khutsiyev)
(Marlen Khutsiyev) USSR, 1956, 94 min.

PRESENTATION and Q&A with  Marlen KhutsiyevMiguel Marías and Qazi Abdur Rahim.

29 may, Thursday

21.10  Venue 1

JIN JIN  (Official Section)
(Daiki Yamada) Japan, 2013, 129 min.

Presentation of the team of Jin Jin :

Sr. KOKI SHIMIZU  (Vicemajor of Kenbuchi)
Sr. NAOTO IGARASHI (Journalist)
Sr. DAIKI  YAMADA (Director)
Sr. JIRO NODAKE (Distribution Producer)
Sr. TOMOKO OOI  (Domestic Sales)
Sta. KEIKO ITO  (Overseas Sales)

31 may, Saturday

20.00  Venue 2

Spring at Zarechnaya Street  (Retrospective of M. Khutsiyev)
(Marlen Khutsiyev) URSS, 1956, 94 min,

PROGRAMME at Círculo de Bellas Artes. Imagineindia 2014

Calle Marqués de Casa Riera, 2. Madrid - 28014.

29 may, Thursday


Dhol ganwar pashu aru nari 
(Abhinav Gupta) 2013. India. 20 min

July Rain  
(Marlen Khutsiyev) 1966. Russia. 107 min


23 Winters  
(Rajesh S. Jala)  2013. India. 30 min

Love and other crimes 
(Stefan Arsenijevic) 2008. Serbia.106 min

30 may, Friday  


I am Twenty  
(Marlen Khutsiyev) 1965. Russia. 164 min

Presentationn by the director Marlen Khutsiyev and the producer Olga Bistrova.

After the screening there will be Q&A with the director and producer.


(Manoj Kumar) 2013. India. 11 min

Kennedy goes back home
(Zelimir Zilnic) 2007. Serbia. 74 min

31 may, Saturday


(Prateek Srivastava) 2013. India. 9 min

(Marlen Khutsiyev) 1983. Russia. 92 min

LIST OF FILMS selected. Imagineindia 2014


ANKHON DEKHI  (Rajat Kapoor)  India
THE KING IS DEAD  (Rolf de Heer)  Australia
APUR PANCHALI  (Kaushik Ganguly)  India
CELLULOID  (Kamal)  India
JIN JIN  (Daiki Yamada)   Japan
PARVEZ  (Majid Barzegar)  Iran
MARÍA Y EL ARAÑA (María Victoria Menis)  Argentina
TRI  (Aleksandar Petrovic)  Serbia
DANI  (Aleksandar Petrovic)   Serbia
KLOPKA  (Srdan Golubovic)   Serbia
LJUBAV I DRUGI ZLOCINI  (Stefan Arsenijevic)   Serbia
MIRCH MASALA  (Ketan Mehta)   India


KENEDI SE VRACA KUCI  (Zelimir Zilnic)   Serbia
GULABI GANG  (Nishta Jain)  India
SALMA  (Kim Longinotto)   England
ALGORITHMS  (Ian McDonald)   India
23 WINTERS  (Rajesh S. Jala)  India
BADALTE NASKHE  (A. Sadar, L. Sangtam, Nithila K, N. Menon)  India
FLASHPOINT  (A. Lohrii, G. Khamba, M. Chari, S. Gupta)  India
TAKE BACK THE FIGHT  (Likokba, Mrinal, Shruti, Sujatha)  India
TRASH  (Sougata Bhattacharya)  India
AFRICA THE BEAT (Javier Arias, Polo Vallejo, Pablo Vega, Manuel Velasco) Spain
LA SOMBRA DE LA MADRE  (Ramón López)   Spain
VARANASI, donde el pasado es presente (Andrés Roccatagliata)   Spain
USTAD ABDUL RASHID KHAN  (Mithila Hedge)  India


DHOL GANWAR PASHU ARU NARI  (Abhinav Gupta)  India
MUKHABIR  (Manoj Kumar)  India
QAFAS  (Prateek Srivastava)  India
MOKAMA FAST PASSENGER  (Subhadro Choudhry)  India
JE RAATE  (Prajna Dutta)  India
DUSHWAPNO  (Lubna Sharmin)  India
FROM BEYOND  (Rajbir Kaur)  India
OJOS ABIERTOS  (Gisella Chicolino)  Argentina
ÍNTIMOS EXTRAÑOS  (Lara Persano)  Argentina
ECCE HOMO O EXILIO  (Belem de Oliveira)  Brasil
AL OTRO LADO  (Alicia Albares)  Spain
MAGNETISM  (Nakul Waghela)  Australia




MNE DVADTSAT LET /  I am twenty
VESNA NA ZARECHNOY ULITSE /  Spring at Zarechnaya street
BYL MESYATS MAY /  It was in may 


Marlen Martynovich Khutsiev (born October 4, 1925 in Tbilisi) is a Georgian-born Soviet and Russian filmmaker best known for his cult films from the 1960s, which include I Am Twenty and July Rain. He was named a People's Artist of the USSR in 1986.

     Khutsiev's father, Martyn Levanovich Khutsishvili (the family's original Georgian surname), was a lifelong Communist who was purged by Joseph Stalin in 1937. His mother, Nina Mikhailovna Utenelishvili, was an actress.

     Khutsiev studied film in the directing department at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, graduating in 1952. He worked as a director at the Odessa film studio from 1952 to 1958, and worked full-time as a director at Mosfilm from 1965 onwards.

     Khutsiev's first feature film, Spring on Zarechnaya Street (1956), encapsulated the mood of the Khrushchev Thaw and went on to became one of the top box-office draws of the 1950s. Three years later, Khutsiev launched Vasily Shukshin "as a new kind of popular hero" by starring him in Two Fyodors. His two masterpieces of the 1960s, however, were panned by the authorities, forcing Khutsiev into something of an artistic silence. Since 1978, Khutsiev has taught film directing master classes at the VGIK.
His 1991 film Infinitas won the Alfred Bauer Prize at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.

Honours and awards

Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

2nd class (29 May 2006) - for outstanding contributions to the development of national cinema and many years of creative activity.
3rd class (25 December 2000) - for outstanding contribution to the development of cinema art.
4th class (9 April 1996) - for services to the state, many years of fruitful work in the arts and culture.

Order of Honour (5 October 2010) - for outstanding contribution to the development of the domestic art of film and many years of creative activity.

Order of the Badge of Honour (1975)

Jubilee Medal "In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary since the Birth of Vladimir Il'ich Lenin" (1970).

People's Artist of the USSR (1986)

People's Artist of the RSFSR (1977)

State Prize of the Russian Federation (7 December 1993)

Special Prize of the Russian Federation President (12 June 1999) - for outstanding contribution to the development of Russian cinema.

"Golden Aries" award and winner of "The Man Film of the Year" (1995)
Prize of the city of St. Petersburg "he is a living legend of the national cinema" - V Festival "Viva Cinema of Russia" (1997)

Moscow Mayor's Award (1999) - a unique contribution to the development of culture in Moscow.

National Award in the field of documentary film and television "laurel branch" for 2002 in the category for contribution to Cinema Chronicle,

"Triumph" Award (2004)

Nika Award in the "honour and dignity" (2006)

Imagineindia Award for Lifetime Achievement (2014)

MARLEN KHUTSIYEV, Honorary Guest at Imagineindia 2014

      The russian director Marlen Khutsiyev will be the Honorary Guest at the present edition of Imagineindia 2014 where he will recieve the "Lifetime Achievement Award". For the present member of Russian Arts Academy it will be the first time in Spain and Imagineindia will pay him respects showing 7 films. However not many in numbers Khutsiyev,s filmography is full of master class films.
            The films will be shown at Círculo de Bellas Artes and la Cineteca el matadero.

Retrospective of Marlen Khutsiyev :

MNE DVADTSAT LET  /   I am twenty
VESNA NA ZARECHNOY ULITSE  /   Spring at Zarechnaya Street
POSLESLOVIYE  /   Epilogue 
IYULSKIY  DOZHD  /   July rain
LYUDI 1941 GODA  /   People of 1941
BYL MESYATS MAY  /   It was in may

CALL FOR ENTRIES / Imagineindia 2014


The 13th edition of Imagineindia International Film Festival (IIFF) will take place in Madrid(17th to 31st May, 2014), Barcelona (June 2014) and Bilbao (June-July 2014). 

We are now open for selection of Feature Films, Shorts  and Documentaries.

No submission fee.

DVD,s to be sent before 30th march 2014 to :

Imagineindia International Film Festival
C/ Fe 9. 3º E
Madrid 28012



                Out of Competition



DATES for Imagineindia International Film Festival 2014

Imagineindia International Film Festival 2014 will take place in Madrid from 17th to 31st  May 2014. It will take also in May and June in Barcelona and Bilbao.

More than 8 venues / 70 films , invited countries like IndonesiaAustraliaVietnamHungarySerbia / Russia / International Competitive Section / Retrospectives of  Marlen KhutsiyevRitwik GhatakIstvaan GaalShyam BenegalAlexandar PetrovicSergei Parajanov.  

FILM SCHEDULE / Imagineindia Barcelona 2013 / FILMOTECA DE CATALUNYA

Pza Salvador Seguí 1. Barcelona

I. D (Kamal K. M) India. 2012. 90'

14 June. Friday. 21.30 h

I.D. tells the story of a girl in the urban jungle of Mumbai. Charu and her friends share a rented apartment in a skyscraper. All come from different places and working to make the city their web host. A series of trouble will seek to track an unknown. "It's a film made with almost no money with friends who work in independent cinema, a film that anyone could do because it is full of good intentions and precise opinions about the system we live in a system that ... is collapsing "(Kamal KM).

B. A. PASS (Ajay Bahl) India. 2012. 95'

19 June. Wednesday. 17.00 h

After losing his parents in an accident, a boy from a small town moves to her aunt's house in New Delhi to complete his studies. There he meets Sarika, a married woman with whom he maintained a relationship that will make him lose control. The film, which delves into the realm of eroticism as any other Indian commercial film to date, it’s the adaptation of the story The Railway Auntie, from Mohan Sikka’s book Delhi Noir.

CELLULOID MAN (Shivendra Singh) India. 2012. 162'

20 June. Thursday. 18.30 h

A tribute to an extraordinary man, P.K. Nair, the founder of the National Film Archive of India, and guardian of Indian cinema. Nair built archive can by can in a country where film preservation was not considered important. The film relives the history of cinema in India tracing their words. An ode to a life dedicated to the movies.

ANHE GHORE DA DAAN (Gurvinder Singh) India. 2011. 112'

21 June. Friday. 19.00 h

A foggy winter morning, a family from a small village in Punjab stands with the news of the demolition of a house in the suburbs. The father, a silent activist, joins the community to seek justice for the affected family. The same day, his son Melu wounded during a demonstration, while his mother feels humiliated by the treatment he dispensed the owners of the land where she works. A film about social repression and labor exploitation to which the marginal layers of Indian society are subjected.

AKASATHINTE NIRAM (Dr Biju) India. 2012. 117'

22 June. Saturday. 16.30 h

A 60 year old man living on a tropical island far from everything. Once a month he visits a neighboring port to sell crafts. A young crook who assails the watches his boat to ask for quick money. The man remains calm and drive the boat to the island where he lives. Once there the thief is caught, a fact that will change his concept about life.

THE TORTOISE, AN INCARNATION (Girish Kasaravalli) India. 2012. 125'

23 June. Sunday. 17.00 h

In the Hindu sacred texts on the history of the universe, Vishnu reincarnated as Krum, turtles, save the Mandara mountains sinking into the ocean. 'The Tortoise, an Incarnation' takes this metaphor to explore the historical legacy of another savior: Mahatma Gandhi. The film carries on an ordinary man, about to retire, which, because of its resemblance to the famous Indian leader, accepts interpret it in a popular television series. When more deeply into the character deviates from the script, and realize their own life failures. A film that works both retail and minimalist as political allegory, exploring social and personal note.

FILM SCHEDULE / Imagineindia Barcelona 2013 / CASA ASIA

Saturday, 25 may - 2013, 19:30 h


Dir: Mrinal Sen. Int: Madhabi Mukherjee, Gita Sen, Binota Roy. India. 1972. 122’.

Calcutta 71 is a movie against violence and corruption and it is composed by four tales of renowned writers, each one different from another, but all connected together to perform a powerful statement. The stories are of Manik Bandopadhyay, Probodh Sanyal, Samaresh Basu and others.

Hot testimony of the political turmoil of the seventies, Calcutta 71 suggests reveal the stark reality of the inhabitants of Calcutta through intense moments reminiscent of Chris Marker's La Joi. It is said that they were getting images to compose the film since 1966. It premiered in 1972 with a huge hit with audiences.

Thursday, 30 may - 2013, 19:30 h


Dir: Mrinal Sen. Int: A.R. Krishna, Pradeep Kumar, G. N. Rao. India. 1977. 116’. 

Venkaiah (Vasudeva Rao) and his son Kistaiah (Narayana Rao) lives in a village. 
Venkaiah lives in a queer world of his own. They have learnt to conquer hunger and 
are mentally strong. They consider the poor farmers are fools to work for the rich and 
suffer. Kistaiah wants to marry Nilamma (Mamata Shankar). The father does not like 
the marriage. Kistaiah refused and married Nilamma.

Nilamma tries to control the family. Venkaiah does not change. Kistaiah stands 
between them. There is bitterness in the family. In course of time Nilamma conceives. 
One day, they find Nilamma in acute pain. The father refuses to call a midwife and 
Nilamma dies. They decide to conduct funeral rites to Nilamma. They go begging 
around the village and gather some money and decide to spend it on drinks.

Saturday, 1 june - 2013, 19:30 h


Dir: Onir. Int: Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Bose. India. 2012. 99’. 

The story is divided into 4 short stories about issues and dilemmas that bruises the modern Indian society, It unfolds tales of individuals struggling to find their identity, and uphold their dignity in a world that is cold and unsympathetic.

Saturday, 8 june - 2013, 19:30 h

ACHAL (The Stagnant)

Dir: Bikramjit Gupta. Int: K. Bairagi, S. Banerjee, T. Sarkar. India. 2011. 90’.

It is the story of different characters who live in the harsh streets of Calcutta. Stories of people living upstream, invisible to the eyes of those who surround them. Krishna makes a living being an statue while Rasu sells masks in the street. The movie tells about  the aspirations of Krishna, Rasu and his friends.

Thursday, 13 june - 2013, 19:30 h

JANADESH (People,s veredict)

Dirs: Enric Alvarez - Oriol Ampuero. Spain. 2012. 58’.

The documentary is about Janadesh, the most important non-violent campaign from the time of Gandhi. During 30 days, 25,000 men and women from the most disadvantaged sectors of India walk through the 350 Km  of  motorway separating the city of Gwalior from the Parliament in Delhi. The objective: to initiate a mass hunger strike to demand a fair redistribution of land. After the courage shown by the walkers, the Indian Government, concerned about showing the country as emerging economic power and global epicenter of mysticism, will be forced to respond.

AWARDS Imagineindia 2013


BEST  FILM :         Alms for the blind horse / Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan (Gurvinder Singh)

BEST  DIRECTOR : Girish Kasaravalli (The tortoise, an incarnation / Kurmavatara)

BEST  ACTOR :     Shikaripura Krishna Murthy (The tortoise, an incarnation / Kurmavatara)

BEST  ACTRESS :    Geetanjali Thapa (I.D)

BEST  MUSIC :     Isaac Thomas Kottukappaally (Color of Sky / Akashathinte Niram)